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Use the Yellow Patch

for few nights,

until the hematoma dissolves

and the bruise turns yellow.

Use the Blue Patch for last night

in order to make the bruise

disappear completely.

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Lucis light Patch is precisely screen printed light source, for faster bruise healing. It uses known phototherapeutic data to substitute the sun light. Due to special technology, the light is cold and so it can be applied directly on the skin.

1. Before applying the Lucis light patch, any dressing and coatings must be removed from the bruise. The operational time of the inventer is approximately 8 hours and it should be charged before the treatment.

2. Plug the patch in the socket at the end of the 0.5 m long cable, which goes from the inverter.

Be careful about two pins out of the silicone.


How it Works

The light source is covered in special medical silicone, so it does not cause any harm on the epidermis.

The light patch should be applied on the bruise at any time, the can not reach to it.

The healing time depends on many factors, like size and depth of the bruise, age of the patient and time when the patch is applied. Ideal daily treatment is up to 8 hrs, over the night, during the sleep.

Do not wet or bend them, or damage them in any other way.

3. When the bruise is fresh and has a violet color, use the yellow patch. Attach it on the skin with stretch net or when the bruise is on more complicated place, use kind tape or bandage.

Press the button on the inventer to switch it on and place it where it cannot be damaged.

For example your bedside table. Use the yellow patch until the hematoma dissolves and the bruise turns yellow.

4. When the bruise is yellow, apply the blue patch same way as before. The blue light decreases the bilirubin level in the blood. Use the blue patch until the bruise is gone.



bilirubin dissolution


Yellow bruises disappear

within hours


Accelerate the blood and lymph circulation


Faster hematoma